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Librarians Report: Breakout EDU

By now many will have heard of Escape Rooms, which are becoming increasingly popular across the nation.  Some libraries have done an escape room of their own, or are interested in learning how to facilitate an escape room in their space.  Breakout EDU is a perfect solution for public and school libraries.  Breakout EDU offers both breakout kits as well as curriculum-aligned scenarios.

For teachers and school librarians, this opportunity to branch out into the curriculum makes for an exciting opportunity to engage students.  There are also several general and team-building scenarios as well for those not looking to reinforce learning in a content area.  On the off chance nothing in the sandbox or approved situations meet the needs of a library’s idea for a breakout experience, librarians can feel free to create their own.  To sign up for access to these scenarios, simply click on the “Getting Started” link on the Breakout EDU website and “Register for Access.”

Breakout EDU offers a kit to purchase, or provides links to all the supplies in the kits so that users may ‘build their own’ breakout experience.  Each kit contains a large and small box, one hasp (for placing multiple locks on one box), directional lock, word lock, UV light, invisible ink pen, flash drive, three and four digit locks, and key lock.  Current scenarios will provide detailed instructions on how many locks to use, but in an original scenario as few or as many locks can be used as the librarian deems appropriate.  Watch patrons and students dig for clues, solve puzzles, collaborate, and share in both failures and successes during a Breakout EDU game!

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Kara Williams is a Media Specialist at Hillcrest High School and Teen Librarian at Grande Prairie Public Library.  She is an avid board and tabletop gamer with a passion for forcing teens to play something other than Uno, and has a love of ugly cats (though her own are unfortunately rather average-looking).

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