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M.K. Eagle writes a post on YALSA blog about Library Gaming for n00bs with some explanation of selecting games for group play.

School Library Journal promotes National Gaming Day. while Pima County Library encourages patrons to rack up time playing games on the Million Minutes Family Challenge.

The grand opening of the Video Game Library Archive isn’t until November but the Michigan Daily wrote a nice article about the space & collection.

Lewis & Clark Library System offers assistance to member libraries that want gaming programs.

Museums, like libraries, are incorporating Web 2.0 into their operations – and looking to connect books to games! Museum 2.0 offers a thoughtful post on cross-platforming.

 Also of interest:

Archival footage on TED  of David Perry (designer of Earthworm Jim, MDK, Messiah) presenting “Will videogames become better than life?” in February 2006.

Library Mini-Golf offers a mini-golf course in the stacks as a library fundraiser for New England Libraries.

40% of gamers are female, and the industry is finally starting to give them some attention.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports on gender & gaming.  “There’s not some fundamental reason why women or girls don’t like to game,” says Anita Frazier, NPD group analyst. “It’s about, is there content that is interesting and engaging for them?”

Snacks for you Video Game Programs at Snack or Die : Pac-Man Ghost Cookies, Portal Cake Cookies, Koopa Shell Cookies and more!

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