LLX Mystery Hunt

GameRT made an elaborate 4 day Mystery Hunt for those attending ALA’s LibLearnX conference. (Register here: https://www.alaliblearnx.org/registration)

Each day players get an image like this:

Credit: Elizabeth Brown using Noun Project.

The players can click around the image to open a series of puzzles. The solution to each puzzle is a word. You get a big goofy trophy picture for entering in each day’s word. If you complete the whole 4 day puzzle, you get entered into a raffle (if you want to). The raffle gets you a pile of games provided by GameRT, and comics thanks to the wonderful folks over at the Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table.

We added loads of hints, and the puzzles are a lot of fun! There may or not be some Twine, a jigsaw puzzle, some pig latin and some amazing cyphers.

After LLX, we might retool the games for next year’s International Games Month! In the meantime gaming is only open to conference attendees. So for now, enjoy this amazing video teaser made by GameRT’s awesome Sara Reed.

Happy Gaming!

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