Looking for your reviews!

Are you going to be receiving some new games this holiday season? Planning to play with the family? We’d like to know what you think of the games you’ve been playing – and we want to make it easy for you!

We’re doing a “review round-up” of sorts and asking for your impressions of the games you’ve been playing – condensed down to a single sentence per game! For inspiration, take a look here: https://onesentencefilmreviews.blogspot.com

Here’s an example: Car Wars: The Card Game (Steve Jackson Games) – Easy to pick up and learn and easy to visualize the chaos going on – blasting the crap out of your friends’ cars in an arena never gets old! (Submitted by Thomas Vose)

Please think about dashing off a review or two over the holidays and send them along to us at gamert@ala.org by December 31 – we’d love to include them!

Thanks in advance!

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