Looney Labs is a Real Favorite at One Midwest Library

Who is the lunatic who ordered all of these Games? That would be me, Dana E. Scott, the Loud Librarian. I am the Director of the Marion County Library in Yellville Arkansas and I love board games! Need a late or last minute holiday gift? Or just looking for something fun to beat the cold weather (if that applies to you)? Whatever the reason, Looney Labs, the makers of Fluxx, has got your back this season.

A few of Marion County Library’s games.

At the Marion County Library, we are stocked full of the Looney Labs games. We have most of the Fluxx games, Just Desserts, Are you the Traitor, Ugly Doll Loonacy, Aquarius, Time Breaker, Are you a Robot and Chronoauts. My personal favorite is Zombie Fluxx (I even have a signed copy in my personal collection).

I started collecting games for the library when I started at the Marion County Library in 2017, and now we have over 200 games available for check out! We process them, tag them with the contents, and count pieces and parts upon return. Before the pandemic, we had three in house gaming programs a week, now we host them online through Zoom and Board Game Arena. Lucky for us, Looney Labs is on Board Game Arena too! Looney Labs is working to add more games to their milieu, but for now, Just Desserts is available with all of it’s expansions!

Do you have a favorite game maker? Let us know in the comments. You can also dish about your favorite board games on our GameRT League of Librarian Gamers Facebook group (this group is free to join – you don’t need to be a GameRT Member).

Dana E. Scott is the Director of the Marion County Library in Yellville, Arkansas. She is on the GameRT Membership & Promotion Committee, and she loves games of all kinds.

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