Minecraft eGuide from Prima Games

International Games Day would like to thank Prima Games for their generous donation of 200 copies of their Minecraft eGuide to US libraries. Winning libraries will be notified soon!

Minecraft debuted in 2009. The game is a simple pixelated adventure game in which players can move blocks, craft items, and build almost anything. According to Motherboard, over 40 million people play Minecraft every month from all over the world. Prima Games offers an incredibly helpful eGuide on how to play this wildly popular game.

This strategy guide is an easily searchable eGuide with quick-reference charts, five tutorial videos, and help with projects to quickly immerse you into the Minecraft world. This guide not only tells you about the new blocks, monsters, and recipes but also features a section on the history of Minecraft with interviews with the game’s creators.

Check out all of Prima’s strategy guides (some are free!) on their website: www.primagames.com.

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