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Mystery Monthly: January

Welcome agents to our latest series of challenges! Each month over the course of 2024 we will be posting a mystery for you to unravel. As you solve each mystery you will learn a clue. At the end of the year you’ll use all of your clues to help you solve our final puzzle.

Happy New Year and Happy Puzzling!

~ The Guild of Mystery

January’s Mystery

Now let’s shift a couple of gears and move into this month’s mystery! Nothing too fancy this month as all you’ll need to do for your clue is to decipher the sentence that we’ve encoded below. It’s up to you to figure out what cipher we’ve used but if you need a little help you can click the link in the hint section.

Eb ghflskhulqj wklv Fdhvdu vkliw L fdq qrz ohw brx nqrz brxu foxh iru Mdqxdub lv fdsbedud.


Link to Hint

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