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Mystery Monthly June

Welcome agents to our latest series of challenges! Each month over the course of 2024 we will be posting a mystery for you to unravel. As you solve each mystery you will learn a clue. At the end of the year you’ll use all of your clues to help you solve our final puzzle.

Happy Puzzling!

~ The Guild of Mystery

June’s Mystery

This month the Guild took a tour around the multiverse to bring you all the pieces of today’s puzzle. Below you will find some media that is just a little bit different than you are used to from our universe. Find the common incongruity and you’ll know what this month’s clue is!

Piece of Multiverse Media #1: Rakes and Ladders

A 10x10 boardgame grid numbered 1-100 with ladders and rakes on it. Text on either side of the gameboard reads “Rakes & Ladders”.

Piece of Multiverse Media #2: Cakes on a Plane

An airplane blowing a party noisemaker topped with cakes and on fire. Text above reads Cakes on a Plane”.

Piece of Multiverse Media #3: Ballad of Song Birds and Steaks

A green book cover with black bullseye in the background, on the cover is a small cartoon bird that is singing next to 3 different cuts of steak. Text below reads “Ballad of Songbirds and Steaks.”

This Month’s Clue: _ _ _ _ _ _


June’s Answer

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