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Mystery Monthly May

Welcome agents to our latest series of challenges! Each month over the course of 2024 we will be posting a mystery for you to unravel. As you solve each mystery you will learn a clue. At the end of the year you’ll use all of your clues to help you solve our final puzzle.

Happy Puzzling!

~ The Guild of Mystery

April’s Mystery

It’s time to connect some thoughts!! In this puzzle four words are all connected by a central theme, in this case all of the themes are stories (of any media). Once you’ve figured out all the themes they too connect for this month’s clue!

 Title Mystery Monthly May by Danielle Costello followed by 4 by 4 grid of boxes. Top row of boxes in order reads lonely mountain, bathouse, susuwatari, snicker-snack. Second row of boxes in order reads river, thorin, the tower, mimsy. Third row in order reads bilbo, no-face, blurbled, atreyu. Last row in order reads mirkwood, swamp of sadness, falkor, galumping.

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This Month’s Clue: _ _ _ _ _ _


April’s Answer

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