Announcement: New Gaming Librarian Spotlight

Anyone who games is a gamer. Casual games? You’re a gamer. Big Yahtzee fan? You’re a gamer. Video games of all sorts? You’re a gamer. D&D player (expert or just starting out)? You’re a gamer. And if you work in a library, you’re a library gamer.

Calling all librarians and paraprofessionals, the GameRT Membership & Promotion Committee is seeking nominations for a new monthly feature on the Games in Libraries website spotlighting librarians who work  with games and gaming in their libraries or who are themselves avid game players. 

Nominations are now open, and we invite you to nominate anyone who you think deserves the spotlight; self nominations are encouraged! Nominees do not need to be members of the ALA Games & Gaming Round Table.

Each month, representatives from the GameRT Membership & Promotion committee will review the nominations and select individuals to be spotlighted on the Games in Libraries website. Chosen nominees will be asked to submit answers to a choice of written interview questions. 

Please use this link to submit your nomination(s):

Nominations will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Fill out the form to get you or a colleague featured in our blog!

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