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Little Inferno

Little Inferno is a deceptively simple sandbox puzzle game with a thoughtful message. For most of the gameplay, you are a child seated in front of a Tomorrow Corporation Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. Your only interaction with the outside world is through the mail and a lot of your time is spent purchasing toys from catalogs to incinerate in your fireplace. Burn enough items in the right combinations and unlock more catalogs to buy increasingly expensive items for the fireplace. As time goes on, you discover that the world is not as simple as the Tomorrow Corporation might have you believe and there may be more to life than buying things to burn.


Revenge of the Titans

Revenge of the Titans is a fun and engaging real time strategy tower defense game. You play the commander that oversees the construction and implementation ground defenses in humanity’s battle against the never ending hordes of Titans. One of the crowning glories of the game is it’s replayability. Between levels, you visit R&D to determine where the military scientist should put their focus: blaster turrets, rocket launchers, laser technology, droids, and more. This allows near infinite combinations of technology you can level up for maximum Titan destruction. If you fail, the earth is doomed… but you can always play again.

Contre Jour

Contre Jour is a challenging puzzler that is a joy to play. Use physics to help Petit, a wee cycloptic monster, travel through the strange and beautiful landscape. Petit lacks any means of locomotion, so you will need to manipulate the land to roll him into place. Then use bungees, slingshots, and portals to direct him towards the glowing lights while protecting him from dangers, such as spikes or plummeting into oblivion. Both the visuals and music of this game are gorgeous, evoking both calm and curiosity, making it a nice peaceful break from more high-stress games.

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