NGD in Canada

We’d like to officially welcome Les Bibliotheques de Montreal-Nord in Quebec as participants in this year’s National Gaming Day @ your library. We’re thrilled to see the event spread beyond the U.S., and it has us thinking what an international gaming day might look like. What do you think?

If you’re in Canada, you can take advantage of some handiwork done by Jean-Francois Cusson of the Bibliotheques de Montreal-Nord. He’s translated the logo into French, and he’s generously making his PR materials available to anyone for inspiration. Thanks, Jean-Francois – we can’t wait to hear how your Gaming Day goes!

  • NGD2009 logo in French [inactive]
  • Les Bibliotheques de Montreal-Nord flyer for NGD2009 [inactive]
  • Les Bibliotheques de Montreal-Nord postcards for NGD2009 [inactive]

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