NGD11 Map of Participating Libraries

It’s here – the first version of the map of participating libraries for National Gaming Day @ your library! We already have almost 800 libraries showing on the map, so check here to make sure your library is listed. We only added your location if you checked the box asking to be displayed on the national map.

This version is current as of September 14, and we’ll update it in a few weeks. Use the scrollbar to the right of the map to view the names of all the participating libraries. The list is organized alphabetically by state, then city, then by library name, although there are also a few international libraries participating this year. A big welcome to our colleagues in England, Italy, and The Philippines!

If your library isn’t already registered, sign up now! There are still two donations left you can request.

View 2011 National Gaming Day – participating libraries in a full screen map

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