NGD11 Registration Is Open!

It’s time to start gearing up for the big event on November 12! Registration is officially open for National Gaming Day 2011 at, and we’re excited to announce that there are some great donations again this year (while they last!).

This year’s official sponsor for National Gaming Day @ your library,, is donating an amazing four games in support of gaming in libraries.

Loaded Questions: 500 copies (updated)

Loaded Questions Junior: 1000 copies (updated)

Awkward Family Photos: 500 copies (updated)

The Greatest Day Ever: 1000 copies (updated)

In addition to these fun board game activities, there will again be two national video game tournaments, but this year there’s a twist. There’s the Epic Super Smash Bros. Brawl and a retro 30th Anniversary Frogger Library High Score Contest (how can it be 30 years already?).

We’re in the process of updating the marketing and PR materials, so follow @ngday on Twitter or subscribe to email updates for announcements when they’re ready. Don’t forget to thank for their generous donation, too.

So book your meeting room now for Saturday, November 12, and register to participate in the most fun your patrons will have all year!

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