North Star Games Claimed But DEMCO Contest Signup Continues!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that all of the free copies of Wits & Wagers: Family from North Star Games have been claimed! The folks at NSG are hard at work putting together mailing lists, and they hope to ship the games around the end of October. I’ll post an update here when I hear they’ve gone out.

If you’re one of the lucky libraries getting a game, look in the package for additional materials to help your patrons get started quickly, such as a “quick start” guide and an FAQ. School librarian Brian Mayer, aka LibraryGamer, has also done a video that explains how to play Wits & Wagers: Family that you can watch ahead of time to get a feel for how it works.

Even better, you can customize the game with questions about your local community, so take some time with the box when it arrives to see how much you can do with it.

Even though the free games are gone, you should still sign up your library for NGD10. Only registered, participating libraries will be eligible to apply for the DEMCO $5,000 gaming gear shopping spree, so join in today!

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