November update – a week and a bit to go…

Hey everyone! Ten sleeps (or eleven depending where you are) until International Games Day @ your library. I can’t wait! Check out how many people will be playing with us this year!

[Why have some dots turned green? It’s a Secret.]

Even with something like 60 new libraries since last week, our total is still a bit down on last year – not surprising given all the shenanigans affecting libraries in the USA, which as IGD’s birthplace is still where it’s best-known. (If you’re joining us on the day but aren’t yet on the map, it’s still not too late to register, by the way. You can register right up to the day itself – we’ll try and do a final update just before IGD.)

But on the brighter side, we still have the better part of a thousand libraries joining us – and check out how many libraries we’ll be playing with internationally! I make it 73 libraries outside the USA, in 27 different countries.   Welcome to all our new friends from around the world – and welcome back to all our friends from previous years, too!

I hope you’re all ready to play. As far as we’re aware, everything has been done at our end, and all should be good to go.

Libraries in the USA should by now have received the sponsored games they requested. Thanks again to all our sponsors for their generosity – we appreciate it, and so will the library patrons who get to play your games on the 16th!

Similarly, wherever you are in the world, if you said “Yes” to playing Global Gossip this year, you should also know whether or not you’re participating; and if you are, you should have all the information you need to run the game. If you registered your interest but didn’t get a slot this year – sorry! We just couldn’t get everyone in this time, despite more than doubling the number of participating libraries. You should have had an email either way – if you haven’t heard anything at all, please let us know.

I’ll post again one more time before the big day, but mostly it’s just waiting for the countdown now. I look forward to playing with you all – and with the thousands of people across the world whom we’ll be connecting with this event – on the 16th!



[1] As a proud Aussie I am not above pointing out that Australia, with 24 libraries participating, is coming in second for number of registrations.

(And that’s not including Antarctica, which also joins the day courtesy of us Aussies. Just sayin’.)

(In the interests of fairness, I should point out that if all of our Scandinavian friends from Nordic Game Day had also registered with IGD they would probably have beat Australia.)

(But they didn’t :P)

However, I am not just a proud Australian, I am also a proud library-lover and gamer. And as such I hope you will all take this footnote as an invitation to try and beat us next year. If you think you can…[Back]

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