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Learn & Play: Minecraft

Lava, creepers, spiders, zombies, and ghasts – oh my! What do all these scary things have in common? They are part of the hit game, Minecraft that offers beaucoup amounts of building, exploring, and collaborative play for players of all ages. If you’re still not on the Minecraft wagon yet, never fear! Save the date for GameRT’s free, upcoming play-to-learn and streaming event, open to non-members and members alike.

When? Friday, July 30, 2021 from 7p – 9p Central Time Sorry folks – new date! Friday, August 13th from 7p – 9p Central Time.

What? GameRT will be streaming Minecraft gameplay on Twitch while discussing how the game can be used for library programming. Join us live to ask questions and share advice! Anyone can view the livestream – you do not need to own the game to watch the live gameplay. You will need a Twitch account to participate in the livestream chat. We will not be playing Minecraft Education Edition, but discussion about this version of Minecraft will be facilitated.

Where? View the livestream on Twitch:

How? A limited number of people can also play with us. You need to own Minecraft for Windows 10, mobile, or console in order to play on the host’s server (Java Edition owners will NOT be able to join us). To enter for a chance to play with us, please fill out this Google Form:

For more information, visit the following sites:
Info on Minecraft versions:
Minecraft Support:
Minecraft Fandom Wiki:

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