Pokemon Go Halloween

Pokémon Go Halloween Event!


Ghosts, psychics, and skulls, oh my!

This week, October 26th-31st, Niantic has released its first Pokémon Go event in the spirit of Halloween and all the spooky fun the holiday inspires.

While exploring the world, there are three major changes that are in effect for this event. Instead of the typical Pidgeys and Rattatas found everywhere, Halloween-themed Pokémon are in abundance! This includes Gastly, Drowzee, Meowth, Cubone, Zubat, and all of their evolutions.

In addition, as a sweet treat, all Pokémon caught, traded, or evolved provide twice the candies during this Halloween event.

Lastly, and probably most excitedly, walking around with your buddy Pokémon produces candy four times as fast! This means walking a Magikarp provides a candy every .25km, much like everyone’s favorite little yellow buddy, Pikachu.

Get out and catch them all this weekend, and don’t forget to sign up for the Pokémon Go library gym map!

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