Pokémon Go Library Battle Map

Which Pokémon team controls your library’s gym?


To add your library to the map, simply input your library’s information into the Pokémon battle form. This requires the use of a Gmail account. Once you have entered your library’s information, you will have the option to edit the form to update the information as it changes each day. It takes a few moments for the map to update with your added or updated information.

My library is not near a gym.

If your library does not have a gym nearby, you can submit a request for a gym to Pokémon Go.

Embed the map in your own site

If you would like to embed the map into a local page, you can copy and paste the following into the HTML of your web page:

<iframe width=”500″ height=”300″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://www.google.com/fusiontables/embedviz?q=select+col6+from+1UYY-RvO-dx1BnKBmYgVphOpXvs2krXIsXtU93Rcp&amp;viz=MAP&amp;h=false&amp;lat=47.504357481123165&amp;lng=-9.095975758880845&amp;t=1&amp;z=1&amp;l=col6&amp;y=2&amp;tmplt=2&amp;hml=TWO_COL_LAT_LNG”></iframe>

Brought to you by the American Library Association’s Games and Gaming Round Table and the University of North Texas Libraries.

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One comment

  1. Just missing one thing…battling other trainers at ANY time! Shouldn’t have to go to a gym just to battle, I should be able to battle other trainers pokemon as well. Make the trainer battles just for fun (giving no items or exp) to keep players wanting to still battle at gyms and
    I think that evolution should’ve been a little different for some Pokemon. Take stone-evolving Pokemon for examples (Eevee, Gloom, Staryu, etc). They could’ve made them evolve with stones instead of with candies, and you get stones randomly from Pokestops, or a chance to get them from catching that specific Pokemon. The chance of getting a stone would be equal to get the number of candies needed, but a stone could be used to evolve many Pokemon.

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