Print & Play Games

Want to participate in International Games Week, but don’t have a game collection?

Don’t have any money to spend on games, but have a printer?

Print & play games may work for you!

Print & play games are posted by game publishers and individuals to provide a free way to play games. Some games are even open source, so you can make changes to them under a Creative Commons license.

Check out our list of Print & Play Games!


  1. I am pretty sure I registered out library, I hope so
    Richmond Public Library
    107 E. Central
    Richmond KS 66080
    We have been participating since the very begining. WE love getting free games since we are so small [less that 500 people] . Fro our small library it is a day to get all ages together. How do I know if we are receiving any games this year? We did not get any last year.

    1. Unfortunately, you will only know if you’re getting games if they arrive in the mail. Since the game distribution is handled by the game publishers, they only send out the games they donated and that’s the extent of their contact.

      If you’re looking for games for your library but trying not to break the budget, I would highly recommend directly asking publishers for game donations. The bigger ones like Milton-Bradley Company or Hasbro might not respond, but smaller developers and publishers are generally more supportive. Find some games that you think would be a good fit for your collection and email that company explaining who you are and your situation. Keep it brief, though – don’t bore them with a wall of text. I would also include asking for floor demo or slightly damaged copies, as those are more easy for them to part with and are almost always in near-perfect condition (at least to play with). The worst case scenario is they say “No”, so really, you lose nothing by asking.

      Best of luck!

  2. wow… so many ways to build a board!! Thanks so much!! I just enter the PnP hobby (thank you BGG!!) and I am looking to the most “How to…” videos to stay away, at the best, from the basic errors I could do when I build my games. I need tools of course and I have to be very careful in my choices (I have some personal issues) so some tools are forbidden… AUGH!!!!

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