Quick update – Global Gossip Game 2015

Hi everyone! Phil Minchin here again, to update you about everyone’s favourite highly-organised string of communication failures, the Global Gossip Game.

I’m about to close off the registration for this year’s GGG and start organising it. If you want to play, but haven’t yet filled out this year’s IGD@yl registration form, please do so pronto!

I should remind everyone that, depending on your timezone, not everyone who wants to participate will get to – logistics are tough like that. But we always do our best to get as many libraries in as possible. By early November you should have heard from us if you’re going to be playing – please respond to any emails as quickly as possible! The nature of the event is such that other libraries are dependent on your answer.

If you want to get ahead of the game (so to speak) and have a preview of how it will work, last year’s rules will be pretty much identical this year – I’ll post updated ones soon, but if you want a sense of how it will work, you can read those right now. The big thing to remember is that you need to be ready to receive a call at a fixed time, have a staff member who is the contact person for the game during your turn (usually half an hour), and then be able to contact the next library through whatever means are agreed between you.

That’s it! Thanks again for your interest and expect to hear from me soon!

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