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Breakout EDU offers breakout kits that include everything you need to start hosting tabletop breakout games.

What is a breakout? A breakout is a themed puzzle activity. The goal is for a team of participants to solve clues and puzzles to open all of the locks on a final box to discover what’s inside. Much like a regular escape room, breakouts offer a great way to teach critical thinking, teamwork, and complex problem-solving. Breakouts are being used to teach core academic subjects in a real world environment.  

How does it work? The box and everything needed to solve its locks are set out on a table. Participants are led by a facilitator who introduces the game, explains the rules, and guides the participants if they are stumped. They are then set free to try to solve the Breakout before time runs out.

The Breakout EDU site includes access to a plethora of games suitable for all ages.

The Breakout EDU website gets you started on this adventure and the Breakout EDU Facebook group helps keep you organized and up to date on how Breakouts are being used in libraries and classrooms all over the world. This forum offers a space for members to connect and collaborate. It offers excellent advice on the best materials and ways to keep them organized and working efficiently for your events.

Breakout EDU is a great way to bring immersive learning to your gaming events. International Games Day is excited to have them sponsor this year!


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