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Registration for IGW 2019 will open in early July. Please subscribe to the blog to get updates about new donations or events.


Thanks for participating!

IGW Committee
Diane Robson (Chair, ALA GameRT)
Jennifer Bartlett (ALA GameRT)
Alec Gramm (ALA GameRT)
Hannah Hemphill (ALA GameRT)
Allison Shepard (ALA GameRT)
Teresa Slobuski (ALA GameRT)
Tiffanie Wick (ALA GameRT)
Philip Minchin (ALIA/Australia)
Ben Manolas (ALIA/Australia)
Darren Edwards (ALA GameRT/UK)
Tommi Tossavainen (Nordic Game Day)
Francesco Mazzetta (AIB/Italy)
Marta Krys (Poland)