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Make your International Games Day a success by playing hilarious games with as little “nose time”—time spent with your nose in a rulebook—as possible. Cheapass Games is excited to offer ten libraries a Not-So-Cheap IGD Pack including nearly their entire catalog. Titles in the Not-So-Cheap Pack include:

  • KILL DOCTOR LUCKY, a tasteful family game of murder in the dark with weapons such as tight hats and frozen fish. Creep through Doctor Lucky’s mansion, wait until no one can see you, and take a whack at him. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t worry; failed murder attempts make you stronger for your next encounter with the good Doctor.
  • GIVE ME THE BRAIN and LORD OF THE FRIES, featuring the antics of zombies working food service jobs at Friedey’s: Fast Food of the Damned. In Give Me the Brain, you must empty your hand of chores to win. Some of your chores only require hands, but some require the brain—and there’s only one to go around. In Lord of the Fries, you and your fellow zombies are cooks, doing your best to fill customers’ orders. That’s right—as strange as it sounds, the dead can still assemble combo meals.
  • STUFF AND NONSENSE, a game of cleverly spun stories about fictional escapades to the world’s most exotic locales. Move around the city of London, collecting anecdotes, artifacts, specimens, and more. Return to the Adventurer’s Club with your “evidence” and a completely false account of your explorations. Watch out, though—Professor Elemental was the first to think of this, and he’s not at all impressed.
  • GET LUCKY, you and your associates are treacherous villains, each secretly bent on killing a despicable old man. But he’s not called “Doctor Lucky” for nothing;
  • “BEFORE I KILL YOU, MISTER SPY…”, a game where you find out what kind of super-villain you’d make;
  • DEADFALL, a gambling / bluffing game;
  • BRAWL, a fighting card game where the object is to play the most “Hits” on your side of the table before the game ends;
  • FALLING, a game where everyone is falling. And fighting. The object is to hit the ground last;
  • PAIRS, a “New Classic Pub Game”;
  • DEADWOOD STUDIOS, USA, a deluxe board game about making cowboy movies;
  • UNEXPLODED COW, a fast-paced card game about mad cows searching for unexploded bombs.




Available to all libraries is our catalog of dozens of free print-and-play games ( Don’t let their lack of a cost fool you; these games are ticking time bombs of game design quality. You can even find free versions of many of our retail games. We recommend reading over the rules and printing your games early so you can contact us ( if you have any questions.

Thanks for making Cheapass Games part of your International Games Day!



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