The following are various resources available on the GameRT website:

Why have games in libraries?

A resource on dealing with obstacles and challenges to bringing games into the library

Game On! Grant

The Games and Gaming Round Table of the American Library Association is proud to sponsor its annual grant program to enable libraries to develop gaming programs or collections for their public.

Platinum Play Hall of Fame

The best games for playing in libraries! (A.K.A. The Platys) This Hall of Fame highlights games that are great for use in library collections and library programming.

Heritage Month Games

GameRT has been compiling lists of games that are designed by creators of marginalized backgrounds in order to aid libraries in diversifying their collections.

Pedagogical Games

GameRT has long been an advocate for incorporating games into pedagogy. We have compiled a list of games we recommend for classrooms, broken down by age range and subject areas.

Print & Play Games

This is a directory of Print & Play games.