September update – spread the word!

Hi everyone! If you read the previous Special Mystery Guest Post, you may have seen the updated map of IGD participants at the end. Here it is again, a little bigger this time:

This is reasonably up-to-date, so if you’ve registered but you can’t find yourself on there, please get in touch.

If you haven’t yet registered, please do so pronto at Sometime in the next month or two we’ll also add participants in the Nordic Game Day that happens on the same day, as those will be joining in the wider day (and some will be playing GGG, taking it from Antarctica to up near the Arctic circle!).

We’re now just over two months away and our numbers are down on what they were last year. Honestly, if I’m objective about it, I’ll be pretty happy with the hundreds of participants we’ve got so far – but I’m a bit used to the thousands from the last few years and don’t want to give them up. It could just be delays registering – I know this is the case with several of the international libraries who are playing Global Gossip this year – but let’s take it as a prompt to get the word out to our library friends locally and internationally, and remind them to get signed up.

IGD@yl is a free event that’s as easy or complex as each library wants to make it. There are free posters to promote the event in the library, and free templates for media releases to promote the event in local media. It creates a community linking libraries literally all over the world and, through the Global Gossip Game, celebrates language in a way no other event can. It does all that, and best of all it’s fun – which, as this week’s Talking Points post will discuss, is not the trivial thing we sometimes think.

So, over to you. If you like what your IGD volunteers are doing, start spreading the word – visit our Facebook page (, Like it and share it; share the URL to this site ( via email; mention us, or maybe your favourite post (such as our visit to Antarctica perhaps), in a blog or local library news bulletin; tweet it (any hashtags you like – we’ll be using #igd13 for the event and #ilovelibraries is always good); bring it up at regional library meetings – whatever you can do. If you have connections in other countries, or with organisations like IFLA, even better – get in touch with them too! As with most gaming events, our fun is only augmented by the knowledge that others are having fun alongside us – so quite literally this is a case of the more, the merrier!

Thanks everyone! Check back soon for more. Happy gaming!

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