September update

Hello folks! Welcome back – only a couple-and-a-half months to go! Time to get those registrations in if you haven’t already… even though we do accept them right up to the day before, the sooner you’re on our map the better!

(Especially if you want to participate in the various inter-library events… speaking of which, AADL’s fabulous Minecraft Hunger Games just keeps getting more and more interesting… you should hear some of the plans people are hatching behind the scenes, oh my.)

And if you can, help us spread the word to your library colleagues around the world. Don’t be fooled: we might be an event that has delighted hundreds of thousands on every continent on Earth, but we’re still just a bunch of volunteers and we can definitely use your help to get the word out!

And since one of the best things about the day is how many other people we’re sharing it with, we really do mean it when we say “The more the merrier”: both because more people are being merry, and because the more we share our enjoyment the more there is for each of to enjoy about how many other people are having a good day alongside us!

All that said, we’re doing quite well for enrolments – over 700 already (and our September bump is yet to happen), from 14 countries plus one Commonwealth (Northern Mariana Islands – hello Cha Cha Ocean View Middle School Library!)

Speaking of which, we have updated the map at as at 30 August – if you registered before then and still can’t find yourself, please be in touch. Information on the donations should be coming out soon too.

Meanwhile, we hope you continue to enjoy the blog posts – we’ll be posting some more special guest posts with ideas for IGD activities in the next little while too, on top of our regular series. (Don’t forget to let us know what you’ve thought of them, whether in the comments or in the post-IGD survey!)

Thanks again everyone!

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