2018 IGW Social Media Kit

International Games Week (IGW) is an annual celebration of games, play, libraries, and learning that any library in the world can join, and costs absolutely nothing to register for!

Use this social media kit to create posts to promote International Games Week at your library! There are few ways you can promote International Games Week on social media:

Key messages:

Feel free to write your own posts about International Games Week. Be sure to use the tag #ALAIGW on your posts and tag International Games Week on Facebook.

The key message we want to send with posts is: Libraries are a place for learning and fun. Come enjoy games at your local library.

Collect Stories:

Share photos or stories from patrons playing games at your event. Ask your patrons to use the tag #ALAIGW when they post about the event as well.


Engage your library patrons with gaming by providing a space to play. You can provide games for your patrons or allow them to bring their own into the library. If you don’t have any games, check out our page of Print and Play Games.

Download and print posters:

IGW 2018 Poster
Download International Game Week Posters Here.

There are posters with the dates included and without. Posters are in a PNG format. You can add your own event information using an image editor.

Include the event logo on your website:

IGW Logo


Right-click the logo and choose save image as to save the logo to your computer.


Need ideas for posts? Use these:

Feel free to use these example posts and images during International Games Week or create your own posts. Be sure to use the #IGW tag. To use the images on this page: right click an image and choose save image as to save the image to your computer.

Want to host International Games Week, but don’t have any games? Check out these games you can print for free! https://games.ala.org/print-play-games/#ALAIGW #Print&Play


Get to your library and #GetTheMacGuffin this International Games Week! #ALAIGW
Get The MacGuffin


You don’t need a ticket to hop on the International Games Week train. Check to see if your library is conducting this event! #ALAIGW #TicketToRide
Ticket to Ride


See if your local libraries ARRRRRE hosting an International Games Week event. #ALAIGW #Skulls&Shackles
Skulls and Shackles


We aren’t telling you fables; you can play games at your library. Check this map of participating libraries: http://bit.ly/IGWMap18 #ALAIGW #StuffedFables
Stuffed Fables


Libraries are a diamond in the rough! See if your library is participating in the #Splendor of International Games Week. #ALAIGW


Roll the dice! Join in for International Games Week at your local library. #ALAIGWDice


International Games Week starts in #UNO day! Get ready to game! #ALAIGW


Get a #Clue at your local library. Join us for International Games Week! #ALAIGW


You won’t be #Sorry if you head to your local library for International Games Week. #ALAIGW


#Operation International Games Week is a go! #ALAIGW


Don’t get it twisted. Libraries aren’t just books anymore. #Twister #ALAIGW


Take a #Risk and check out your local library. Play some games for International Games Week! #ALAIGW


#Go to your local library for International Games Week! #ALAIGW


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