Studies Shows No Link Between Violent Games and Crimes, Aggression

Patrick Kierkegaard’s paper “Video games and aggression” evaluates the evidences that purport to show a stronger link between violent games and aggressive behavior, and is more review of the literature than original research study. His assessment is that there is no data to support the theory that videogame violence promotes violent crimes.

Also of possible interest: a Texas A&M study on violent video games and aggression, with results that indicate that trait aggression, family violence, and male gender are predictive of violent crime, but exposure to violent games is not.

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Kierkegaard, Patrick. “Video games and aggression.” Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Nottingham, UK; [now at Department of Computing and Electronic Systems, University of Essex, UK] Journal: International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry 2008 – Vol. 1, No.4 pp. 411 – 417.

Christopher J. Ferguson, Stephanie M. Rueda, Amanda M. Cruz, Diana E. Ferguson, Stacey Fritz and Shawn M. Smith. “Violent video games and aggression: causal relationship or byproduct of family violence and intrinsic violence motivation?” Criminal Justice and Behavior 35.3 (March 2008): p311(22).