Summer 2019 Board Game Releases

By Ashleigh Hvinden

Summer means convention season! What does that mean for board game librarians? A tidal wave of brand new games is upon us! Indie and major publishers use avenues such as GenCon, Origins, San Diego Comic Con and so many other conventions to announce major games coming down the pipeline. Here is an effort to provide a resource for librarians about some of the new releases. I think it is important to know what new games publishers are releasing in an effort to determine what games patrons may respond to and to decide the necessity of updating our library’s collection. All the board game pundits are convinced we are in a Board Game Renaissance. As someone who loves purchasing brand new games, I am very excited and very sad about the lack of time to play all these wonderful games.

After reviewing Board Game Geek’s Origins and Gen Fair Preview, (found here: reading reviews of new board games and looking at is what is on sale at major retailers, check out below some of the games that may be worth investigating.  

Jaws Board Game

Grimm Masquerade


Century Spice: Golem Edition

Sierra West

Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza

Death Eaters Rising

Dino World

What board games are you most excited to play? Are you looking to expand your library’s collection? When do you decide when it is time to update the games? Discuss in the comments below. Happy Playing!

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Ashleigh Hvinden is a Reference and Teen Services Librarian with the Carlsbad City Library in California. Ashleigh loves IP board games and started developing a collection in 2016. In college, Ashleigh was the one who had all the board games and would make her friends play Disney Scene-It so much so that they would refuse to play. Her favorites include Chess, Monopoly, Splendor, Lords of Waterdeep, Thanos Rising, Ticket to Ride, and Farkle. Ashleigh is always looking for a brand new game to play and listens to way to many Board Game Podcasts.

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