Surprise worldwide donation: OnePlay videogame e-lending service!

Hi everyone! We have some very exciting news – a new donor for ALL libraries worldwide!

The Donor

OnePlay is a company based in Las Vegas and Denmark that offers a digital gaming subscription service, where users instantly can download and play unlimited Android and PC games for a low subscription fee.

The Donation

OnePlay would like to sponsor unlimited donations to IGD participating libraries of a 1-year subscription for the OnePlay VIP gaming service.

This will enable one user of your choice to create an individual account that they can then use for 1 year to download & play 1000+ PC and Android games, with new titles added daily! It’s e-lending, but for electronic games, not e-books!

They suggest that you use it as a prize for winners of the day’s competitions, but even if you’re not running a competitive element to the day, you can still give it away as an amazing door prize (the value of the prize is $83.88!).

BONUS Prize for 100 libraries!

In addition, 100 lucky libraries that claim this donation receive a bonus $50 gift certificate to buy a game outright from OnePlay’s online store!

How it works

See the OnePlay site for details – but basically your borrower gets access to an installer for each game that asks them to re-validate the loan every 30 days. They can install the game up to two times. So they do need to check in with OnePlay when first installing and running the game, and if more than 30 days has lapsed since the last validation of the loan – but otherwise no internet connection is required (unless the game itself needs one, of course)!

Claiming the Donation

To claim the donation and attempt to claim a bonus prize, send an email from your library/work email address to Lasse Jensen at with subject “IGD Sponsorship”, giving your library’s contact details in the body for verification purposes, and requesting the OnePlay prize.

OnePlay will then send activation code(s) with information about how to redeem ASAP.

There is a limit of 1 prize package per participating library, and the bonus $50 voucher is limited to 100 libraries – either the first 100 that contact them, or if more than 100 libraries contact them within the first 24 hours, 100 of those selected at random (to ensure that no timezone gets an unfair advantage).

And yes – that does mean that any library anywhere in the world is eligible to request this donation from OnePlay!

The window to claim this donation closes at midnight, Friday October 31, PST. And again, every library that claims a donation will receive the subscription! If you’re not in the first 100, you only miss out on the gift certificate – the more valuable donation is available right until the end of the month.

Additional information

For more information, read¬†OnePlay’s How It Works and FAQ pages, or contact them through their site (which has live support chat).

[DISCLAIMER: As a volunteer-run event, we’re not in a position to assess the technical or legal implications of this service for your library – as with any service, you will need to assess that independently and based on your unique circumstances and needs. But hopefully it helps that there will be no cost to access the service for an entire year – a pretty solid evaluation period!]

Our heartfelt thanks to OnePlay for their support of International Games Day and games in libraries generally!

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