Switch Update – Multiplayer Titles for Libraries


Since its launch, Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, has seen an explosion in titles available.  Many lend themselves well to multiplayer – here is a list of some particular recent standouts, around which a library could provide a good social gaming experience.

Overcooked – Cooking as a team sport, with 1-4 players cooperating to fill orders as efficiently as possible, and trying desperately to stay out of each other’s way.

Enter the Gungeon – A cartoony shooting game of the “bullet hell” variety, in which a ridiculous number of projectiles blanket the screen at once in the randomly created levels.  Up to two can play at once, and there are a ridiculous number of gun options available.

Stardew Valley – While not currently a multiplayer game, this extremely well-regarded title deserves special recognition as a calm, Zen-like farming/life simulator experience – and a multiplayer component is on its way, to be released in a future patch.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – With a title like that, you know you’re in for something special.  Up to four people cooperate in a spaceship, manning stations to fend off attacks from colorful space beasts.

Snipperclips Plus – An updated version of Snipperclips, a game in which players cut into their paper people to create shapes that solve puzzles, this new edition supports up to 4 players and has many game modes to choose from.

Worms WMD – The latest entry in the long-running “Worms” series, in which players create teams of worms and take turns trying to blast the other teams off cartoonish 2D landscapes.  WMD adds buildings and vehicles to the already chaotic mix.

Pokken Tournament DX – For fans of fighting games and/or Pokémon, this game takes a selection of characters from the Pokémon series and drops them into a fighting game patterned after the classic “Tekken” fighters.

Nine Parchments – A four-player game in the style of Diablo or Magicka, in which a group of mages work together to travel through areas and take on bosses, gathering loot along the way.

Crawl – An intriguing new title with an interesting premise.  Up to four people play at once – sometimes as the hero, and sometimes as the enemies and traps he faces – killing the hero lets you take that role for a while (until your friends take you down in turn, anyway).



    1. Hello, Risma!

      According to this article written this January, it appears that, in order of greatest number of downloads first, the most popular games that also were on our list are 1. Stardew Valley (not yet multiplayer) 2. Snipperclips and 3. Overcooked.

      I would also say Rocket League is a good multiplayer game as well, as it can support up to 4 players on the same console and was in the top 5 according to that website. It didn’t make our list, but I believe that is because it hadn’t been released for the console at the point this article was written.

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