The GameRT PC and Browser-Based Gaming Resource List – Contribute yours!

GameRT is in the process of updating its resource pages. As we go along, we invite you, the reader, to contribute the resources that we missed in the comments – help us make something that is as useful as possible!

PC gaming and browser-based recommendations are the subject of this week’s updates – see for yourself what we’ve got available and help us bring the site up to date with your recommendations!

Let us know what we’re missing below, or email us at to help us make it a great resource for librarians!

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  1. + Collection Development:
    – – I use for Collection Development (lots of free games there + good browser based games) easy to browse.

    + Browser based:
    – Two Player Flash Games ( – both kids and teens love to play local multiplayer games at our library.
    – Stratego Online ( – The printed version of Stratego is one of the most used boardgames at our library so we thought why not an online version so our Patrons can play against real online users.
    – CGA Fast Forger ( – a simple funny browser-based drawing game. I still hold third place on Mona Lisa fake drawing with 72.4% resemblance.

    I could introduce many Couch Co-Op or multiplayer games to be played on library computers using only one keyboard or fun simple ones to be played with gamepads. I can also recommend Constructing and Management games for kids and teens to be play within the library.

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