Time to ramp up the promotion

Volunteer Hannah Tracy – one of the authors of the awesome IGD Anecdotes series – offers one last post of suggestions for IGD 2014, this time focusing on letting the public know about your event – especially parts of the public who have largely grown accustomed to looking elsewhere for access to culture.

This is usually where we would have a post with ideas about programs or ways IGD can work in your library. However, with IGD next week, who wants new ideas at this point?

Rather, now is the time to let people know on November 15th they should be at the library.

First of all, I would recommend everyone look at the IGD map at http://bit.ly/igd14map. I love seeing all the different places that are participating. My little library is just one of hundreds all the over the world that thinks games are important and libraries are a good place for them.

I have put the map on the back of fliers with the poster on the front and will be taking it to a regional gaming convention this weekend. It is fun that no matter where I am I can promote this event because there will probably be a library nearby participating.

I also took flyers for IGD to a local Comic Con. At the Comic Con, it was fun to let everyone else know, that not only my library but libraries all over the region would be participating. Their eyes would go wide and look straight to the map on the flyers to see if a library near them was involved. How cool is that?

We all know how great libraries are, and how many awesome things we have and do, but getting to see the realization dawn on people’s faces that they really need to find out what their local library is up to is awesome.

So hopefully the planning is mostly done, donations are on their way, volunteers are lined up, and now we just get to spread the word… and get ready to play some games!

Thanks to Hannah for this post – and to her and her partner-in-blogging Simon Lee for the series!

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