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The winter holiday season is a great chance to stock up on the best tiny giftable games that the geeky world has to offer! Perfect for family gatherings, impromptu get togethers, office gift exchanges, and more, tiny games are a great gift to pass to your friends and loved ones. From the GameRT family to yours, here are some of our favorite tiny giftable games!

Designer: Rob Sparks
Publisher: Allycat Games
Players: 2-6 Players
Length of Play: 15 Minutes
Ages: 6+
Tinderblox | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

“Challenge your friends and family to ‘Play with fire’ as you gather around to build a 3D campfire, but don’t get burned! If you drop a piece of the fire you lose the game!​”

Tinderblox is a dexterity game that comes in a delightfully pocket-sized tin. Players draw cards, and then use tweezers to try to add the element featured on the card to the fire stack in the center of play without toppling everything over. Play continues until the fire collapses. The tweezers add a delicate element to the classic stack building dexterity style, and it’s so small and portable that it can be played pretty much anywhere. The bold, bright graphics are inviting enough that anyone on your gift list could be enticed to strike up a game of Tinderblox.

Designer: Chris Handy
Publisher: Perplext
Players: 2-5
Length of Play: 10 minutes
Ages: 8+
HUE | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Pack O’Game is awesome! Tiny games that are the size of a stick of gum. I already wrote about the wonderful, and wonderfully tiny, word game SHH last December (https://games.ala.org/december-travel-sized-games/). HUE is possibly just as good. The HUE cards each include areas of three vivid colors. Players take turns laying the cards on top of each other on the table to make the area of certain colors larger and other areas smaller. You score points for the colors on the last card left in your hand, so you have to think about which colors you add on to the design on the table, and which cards you keep and score for. To make sure that my Perplext games don’t get lost in the bottom of my games shelves, I circulate them in a custom Pack O’Games with a see-through case.

Designer: Kei Kajino
Publisher: Oink Games
Players: 2-5
Length of Play: 20 min
Ages: 9+
SCOUT | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

The cards in SCOUT are double sided and numbered 1-10. You gain points for playing cards down in front of you and lose points for cards left in your hand at the end of the round. The trick is that the players cannot reorder or turn over their cards, which makes for a very unique game. The card artwork is very simple, but the play is unexpected, very interactive and lots of fun. SCOUT was a Spiele des Jahres nominee for 2022. 

Cool Cool Cool
Designer: Keith Baker & Jennifer Ellis
Publisher: Twogether Studios
Players: 2-6
Length of Play: 15 min
Ages: 9+

Cool Cool Cool | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

With the added benefit of having a wintery theme, Cool Cool Cool is an excellent pocket-sized gift. Roughly the size of a deck of cards, this is a plus up on traditional slap games that adds enticing graphic art, variable rules, and tongue twisting play. At the beginning of the game, several random rule cards are drawn. Everyone takes turns playing cards with different slang words on them, and when the conditions of one of the rules cards are met someone can slap the stack to collect the cards. For example, if the Vorpal Blade rule card is in effect, players need to lay down a ‘Slay’ card and a ‘Wicked’ card in succession to trigger card collection. Who doesn’t like a good literary reference mixed in with their giftable fun?

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