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UK Donor Spotlight! Fletter & Fletter Fuse


Games were always a big part of my childhood, but growing up in India, that’s all I ever thought they would be. A career in games seemed too far-fetched – the right answer to ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ was definitely nothing related to games. But as I grew up, the India I knew also began to change. I’d played around with the thought of starting a board games company for a few years before anything came to fruition, and it was only after I married my childhood sweetheart that we decided to quit our respective ‘real’ jobs and give board games a real shot.

So, together we started Binca. Four years later, BInca are extremely proud to be supporting International Games Week and are donating copies of our fast and fun word games – Fletter and Fletter Fuse – to libraries up and down the UK.

Pocket sized, fast-paced Fletter is an exciting, challenging and adrenalin-pumping word game for players aged 8 and older. Players compete to be the first to shout out the words they can make from the single letter cards in front of them. There’s no timer, but players have to think faster than their opponents to claim the words and score points. Fletter is played in four rounds — starting from 3-letter words to 6-letter words with a score value on each card. The player with the most points and the end of the game wins!

Fletter Fuse, an advanced version which builds on the original card game by adding slightly trickier gameplay! This electrifying word game sees players fusing Single, Double and Triple letter cards to spark words to life before the other players can – be the first to shout out any words of five or more letters from the visible letter cards. Play until the cards run out, diffusing jeopardising ‘Bomb Cards’ along the way. When no more words can be made, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

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UK Libraries wishing to request a copy of FreNeTiC should fill out the form at

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