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UK libraries Minecraft Championship

We are pleased to announce that Club Minecraft will be hosting the UK Libraries Minecraft Championship throughout International Games Week. Players from up to 40 UK libraries will be able to compete in inter-library challenges, with the highest scoring players from each library entered onto the grand leader-board.

Two sessions will be run each day after school from Monday 30th October until Friday 3rd November. Each game will feature four libraries competing within the world created on Club Minecraft’s dedicated event’s server and at the end of the week the highest scoring players will receive prizes from Club Minecraft.

To join this exciting event just fill in the appropriate section on the UK donations form Once you have filled in the form Club Minecraft will contact you regarding the logistics and technical requirements of the event. Please be aware you will need to have computers with Minecraft installed and appropriate licences to join this event. This event is for libraries based in the UK only.

Club Minecraft started life in July 2015 as a party for a young boy called Bailey and six of his close friends. Very rapidly word of the event spread and by October 2015 the numbers attending had quadrupled. Now Club Minecraft hosts Minecraft LAN parties at Glive, Guildford, Surrey (UK) on Saturdays every 8 to 12 weeks. These are a great place for kids to meet, play with each other and learn from one another. Club Minecraft’s on-site servers are completely private, and are not accessible outside the local network created for each event, creating a safe space in which children can play and explore. Club Minecraft also follows an open creative policy and allows kids to gain extensive modification and powerful control in game, along with a multi-world feature where players can choose from different worlds, and game types, to play in depending on what they want to do.

Players are free to build, play, and explore in custom maps no player will ever see online. Featuring unique structures, tasks and mini-games built by the staff, Club Minecraft game servers are constantly evolving. Built by a team of passionate gamers and experienced technicians, the Club Minecraft event servers and network uses high quality memory, power supplies, and enterprise-class gigabit network equipment, for a better quality, lag-free, gaming experience.

A list of upcoming Club Minecraft events can be found at

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