Want to present at ALA? Now’s your chance!

The Games and Gaming Roundtable is accepting conference presentation proposals on games and gaming in libraries for the American Library Association Annual Conference, June 20-25, 2019 in Washington, D.C. This presentation will take place on Saturday, June 22nd from 2-3pm. Presenters will be required to provide either a twenty-minute presentation with Q & A or an hour-long hands on workshop. Previous presentations have focused on using interactive fiction as a literacy tool, guiding players into becoming creators, techniques to diversify gaming events to reach users of all ages, and the use of video games to teach coding.

Proposals are due November 28, 2018.

Please include your name, email address, the title of your proposal, a short description and a 200 word abstract of your proposal to gamert@ala.org with the subject line “President’s Program Proposal”. If you have previously submitted a proposal to a GameRT program but were not accepted, we highly encourage you to re-submit for this event.


  1. I just saw this today when I was searching for International day of games (supposedly today Dec 3)
    I have a new card game based on naval history and fiction (Master and commander, Alan Lewrie, Horatio hornblower) sea battles. I tried to work in historical references without making it a necessity to play the game, and when I do demo’s I like o mention all of the great literature about the time period. I don’t think my library participates (Randolph Township NJ) – I haven’t seen them mention it and I am there at least once a month picking up books. If there is a volunteer / helper literature folder on getting this started I would like to try it.

    1. Sounds very cool! Please, if they haven’t heard about the Round Table, let them know – we’re happy to answer any questions they may have about gaming programs in libraries!

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