Webinar Recordings

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GameRT Members’ Only Resources

Each month, GameRT hosts a Gaming in Libraries webinar or Learn & Play session that is recorded and available to GameRT members only for a six-month period. These recordings are accessible to members by logging into your ALA.org account on the GameRT Members’ Only resource page. After six months, these recordings will be moved to this public access page. Want to become a GameRT member? Find out more here.

Twitch Streams – Publicly Available

GameRT will have approximately two Twitch streams per month that will be immediately available to the public. These streams will be on Fridays or Saturdays. See the upcoming schedule on the Events calendar. You can also follow GameRT on Twitch to get notifications when we go live!

You can view past streams on Twitch! Here are the stream categories, which you can view as video collections on the GameRT Twitch page:

LAG: Librarians Attempt Games — watch and join the chat as librarians play a variety of games while discussing how they’d use them for programming

Low Stress High Mayhem — we dig into some lesser known TTRPGs that are great for various library settings, sometimes inviting publishers and designers to GM a session for librarians to play, including a discussion on using the game in libraries

Round Table Round Table — we select a topic relevant to gaming in libraries and invite a group of library workers to discuss it, interaction from chat is welcome

Past Webinars – Publicly Available

As of April 2022, all GameRT webinars are hosted via Zoom and livestreamed to Twitch. These events are then available to GameRT members for six months before becoming publicly available. Anything recorded as of April 2022 will become publicly available on Twitch after six months. Anything recorded before April 2022 is currently available on demand via either Zoom or YouTube.

Learn & Play — one hour sessions that consist of a presentation on using a specific game for library programming followed by a play session where attendees can actually play the game in a virtual setting

Gaming in Libraries Webinars — one hour webinars on a variety of topics relevant to gaming in libraries that consist of either a presentation of a topic or a panel discussion followed by a Q&A with the presenter/panelists