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GameRT Members’ Only Recording Access

GameRT hosts two series, Gaming in Libraries webinars and Learn & Play sessions, that are publicly available while live but with recordings available only to GameRT members for a six-month period. These recordings are accessible to members by logging into your ALA.org account on the GameRT Members’ Only resource page. After six months, these recordings will become publicly available on GameRT’s Twitch and/or YouTube channels. Want to become a GameRT member? Find out more here.

Gaming in Libraries Webinars — one hour webinars on a variety of topics relevant to gaming in libraries that consist of either a presentation of a topic or a panel discussion followed by a Q&A with the presenter/panelists

Learn & Play — one hour sessions that consist of a presentation on using a specific game for library programming followed by a play session where attendees can actually play the game in a virtual setting

Publicly Available Recordings

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In addition to the two series above that have publicly accessible recordings after a six-month period, GameRT has three series that will be immediately available to the public after the livestream recording is processed.

LAG: Librarians Attempt Games — watch and join the chat as librarians play a variety of games while discussing how they’d use them for programming

Low Stress High Mayhem — we dig into some lesser known TTRPGs that are great for various library settings, sometimes inviting publishers and designers to GM a session for librarians to play, including a discussion on using the game in libraries

Round Table Round Table — we select a topic relevant to gaming in libraries and invite a group of library workers to discuss it, interaction from chat is welcome

GameRT Presentations and Co-sponsored Webinars Hosted Elsewhere

Be the Hero! Tween and Teen Live Action Roleplaying LARPing Games

Presenter: Brooke Windsor (she/her/hers), Teen Services Librarian | Stratford Public Library

Secure big numbers of tweens or teens with a real-life video game where they are the heroes! Live Action Roleplaying (LARPing) games allow for a unique opportunity that youth can’t get anywhere else. Get an in-depth look at this revolutionary event type and even create a mini version of the game on the spot.

Additional Resources:

GameRT President’s Program: From Alphie to Zelda: Preserving the History of Video Games at The Strong National Museum of Play

Staff from The Strong in Rochester, NY, home to the International Center for the History of Electronic Games and the Brian Sutton-Smith Library & Archives of Play, discuss the unique collections, preservation projects, and other initiatives that comprise the museum’s efforts to preserve the history of video games. Participants will learn ways in they can use these preservation techniques and collection development strategies to preserve video game history at their libraries.

GameRT Discussion Session: “You have advantage!” – stories about how games and gaming can improve employability and enrich lives.

For years, employers have identified ‘soft skills’ as one of the largest deficiencies of newly hired employees. These ‘soft skills’ generally encompass communication, critical thinking, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork. All of these can be nurtured and strengthened by playing games. Libraries of all types strive to engage with their communities. By providing access to games and a space to play both of these two issues can be addressed. In this panel discussion, George Bergstrom, the Southwest Regional Coordinator in the Professional Development Office of the Indiana State Library, will talk with luminaries from the TTRPG community to learn their stories of how games and gaming have impacted their lives and are being used in their careers.

Gameschooling Using Board Games in the Classroom

Presenter: Catherine Croft, Ph.D (Co-Founder/CEO, Catlilli Games)

Board games are fun for children of all ages, but they are also promising tools for education. How can we best practically incorporate them into K-12 classrooms in order to optimize learning? As a former neurobiologist who transitioned to teaching, I have experimented for the past seven years with the integration of board games as educational tools. Here I will discuss best practices for using board games effectively to teach content knowledge, focusing primarily on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Topics covered will include gamer motivations, fun yet educational game mechanics, lesson plan structures, roles of educators in scaffolded learning, and common mistakes I have discovered in the “gameschooling” process. I will also show preliminary evidence that board games can effectively improve content knowledge. Overall, I hope to show how  popular modern board games could be utilized in educational arenas.

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Additional Resources:

Critical Hit – Using Dungeons and Dragons to Gamify

This session will distill Dungeons & Dragons down to its key concepts and show you how they can be implemented to track employee progress, achieve goals, and build a closely connected team of adventure seekers and problem solvers. Whether you’re a new adventurer or an expert D&D player, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

Download the character sheet and other presentation resources.

Virtual Gaming Programs: Resources for Fighting Social Isolation with Gaming

Libraries across the world are utilizing virtual gaming tools like never before. In 2020 we saw the dramatic rise of virtual escape rooms, Animal Crossing events, virtual role playing, and board game programs. GameRT members will discuss some ideas and tools that make hosting virtual gaming events a breeze. We will also be joined by an industry professional to discuss some of the changes in gaming and share the gaming industry’s outlook for the future. Panelists: Dan Major, Erica Ruscio, Rebecca Strang, Jeff Pinsker

Additional Resources:

The Future of Gaming – GameRT President’s Program ALA Virtual 2020

Women aren’t just avid gamers they are changing the face of the marketplace. From boardgames to videogames they are both creating more diverse content and have become industry leaders that are both dreaming of and creating the future of gaming. A focus for the panel will be their experiences as women in the male-dominated world of gaming and how we can support and highlight diverse voices during the pandemic and beyond. Panelists include Darcy Ross (#MonteCookGames​), Keisha Howard (Sugar Gamers), and Shail Metha (The Last Gameboard).